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Find out if you might be living with adult ADHD

Simply put ADHD is broken into two categories:  

1. Struggling to maintain attention

2. Hyperactive and Impulsive

You may be predominantly in one of these categories or a combination of both. 

Here is a list of symptoms from the work of Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Russell Ramsay and Dr. Edward Hallowell


  • Interrupting people

  • Making quick decisions 

  • Jumping to conclusions

  • Very little patients

  • React quickly

Emotional regulation

  • You seem to get more upset than others

  • Highly sensitive

  • Hold on to your emotions

  • Struggle to let go of things

  • Get frustrated easily/often

  • Can be percieved as moody 

  • Feel things more intensely that others

  • Can be explosive with your emotions 


  • Can’t seem to finish things, always getting distracted

  • Unable to block out the thought win your mind

  • Jumping from one thing to the next not finishing anything

  • Get lost in you own thoughts when reading  a book & can’t recall what you just read 

Some people with ADHD can concentrate when they really enjoy something, but lose track when they get bored.


  • Struggle to relax, always need to be doing something

  • Fidgeting, trouble sitting still 

  • Unable to switch off when on holiday

Time challenges

  • Unable to correctly estimate how long a tasks will take you 

  • Running late

  • Put things off to the last minute

  • Procrastinate frequently

  • Think you have more time than you do 

  • Lose track of time

Starting & finishing

  • Struggle to do things simply because you “should”

  • Have a hard time getting started on tasks

  • You can’t finish things that are boring or hard 

  • You can’t resist the urge to do things that are more interesting or fun  

Poor working memory 

  • Can’t remember what you were about to do

  • Leave projects unfinished

  • Can’t recall names of people or places

  • Get distracted & forget to go back to things

*Please note: Only a psychologist or psychiatrist can diagnose you. This information is simply here to help you understand common adult ADHD symptoms.


If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, make an appointment with a medical professional.

To hear how my symptoms present and how they impact my life listen to episode #1 of the Navigating ADHD Podcast. 


Here are some excellent resources for helping you better understand ADHD...

  • Dr. Russell Barkley (Taking Charge of Adult ADHD)

  • Sari Solden (Women with ADHD)

  • Dr. Edward Hallowell (Driven to Distraction and ADHD 2.0)

  • Dr. Russell Ramsay (Rethinking Adult ADHD)

  • ADHD New Zealand (for those of us in New Zealand)


I am on a mission to help ADHDers navigate & thrive with ADHD. 

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The Navigating Adult ADHD Podcast is designed to help you better understand and thrive with ADHD. With a new episode out each week, we cover topics like medication, shame, executive functions and things you need to know when starting out. Don't miss an episode!



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