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Hi, I'm Xena. 
Mindset Coach,
Host of two Podcasts, Queen of ADHD & crazy cat lady.

Growing up I always felt like there was something wrong with me, like I was different and just didn’t belong. 


Even when I had almost everything - a great job, making lots of money, travelling 4-5 times a year, a new home and a new car… I still wasn’t happy.


I moved to the other side of the world, convinced that happiness was in London. 


I was wrong. I found myself living in London, unhappy, anxious, full of insecurities and more miserable than ever before. 


I felt like I wasn't good enough.

I just wanted to be like everyone else (or so I thought!)… Little did I know I had ADHD and I wasn’t like everyone else.


I went to the doctors to ask for weight loss pills, now convinced that weight loss was the answer to happiness. 


The doc gave me an ultimatum - 5 free coaching sessions and then we could discuss the pills, or it was a flat out no. 

I took the coaching, 100% determined to do whatever it took to get my weight loss pills.


Coaching changed my life.


I never went back for the pills. I didn’t need to and I didn’t want to. 


I finally started to understand myself and I began to feel good enough. 


I gained self-confidence and found the happiness I had been trying so desperately to get.


I learned how to regulate my emotions, how to feel better AND how to actually do things - like set and achieve goals, follow through and make things happen. 



Xena Jones

How did I create this level of confidence and change my life? COACHING


How did I find the love of my life after 10+ years single and being terrified to date?  COACHING.

How did I start and grow my own business? COACHING.

How did I travel the world solo? COACHING.

How did I create a successful podcast with over 200,000 downloads across 50+ countries around the globe? COACHING.

Xena Jones.jpg

Coaching has helped my clients and I to:

✔️ Achieve BIG goals

✔️ Do hard things

✔️ Take action 

✔️ Follow through

✔️ Back ourselves

✔️ Not quit

✔️ Create incredible success


How? C O A C H I N G


This is why I teach my clients *exactly* how to coach themselves. 

Because knowing exactly how to feel better and get results should be taught in school, instead of trigonometry! 


This is why some of my clients have gone on to become Coaches themselves - because this sh*t is life changing.


And? Because I’m really f*cking good at what I do 🔥


Want to be coached by me? 


Want to achieve your goals? 


Want to change your life? 


Want to know what allll the fuss is about? 

Book a free consultation 

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