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Hi, I'm Xena
and I have ADHD. 

I was 36 when I finally got diagnosed with ADHD. 

Changing hormones (hello peri-menopause) meant that my previous coping strategies were no longer working.


I was struggling at home, at work and with a brain that just would not shut off!


I couldn't finish projects... constantly felt all over the place... 

forgot what I was saying mid-sentence... and felt like I was putting in more effort than everyone else while falling further behind. 


After getting diagnosed and learning more about ADHD,

life finally began to make sense.


And I soon realised that

medication alone wasn’t enough if I wanted to thrive with ADHD.


And that having a different brain meant I would need to do things differently. 

Here's my story...

Determined to figure out how to work with my ADHD brain

I reached out to experts, devoured studies and begun sharing my discoveries on the

Navigating Adult ADHD Podcast.  

Xena Jones.jpg

Through my research and extensive education on dopamine and the ADHD nervous system, along with my 8+ years of Mindset Coaching.


I’ve learned how to manage my brain so I can actually...


✔️ Do the things I want to do

✔️ Quit shaming myself for not being like everyone else or doing things  the way other people do 

✔️ Reduce the overwhelm and overthinking

✔️ Experience more joy without needing to binge watch Netflix

✔️ Regulate my emotions and experience way less frustration 


Now I'm able to thrive with my ADHD.


And this is *exactly* what I help my clients do. 


Whether you’re diagnosed with ADHD or not.

If you resonate with the things I share then you will 

benefit from coaching with me. 


Schedule your Personalised ADHD Support Session with me below (it's free!)


And I'll show you how to take the hard out of living with ADHD.

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