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Hi, I'm Xena. 
Mindset Coach,
Queen of ADHD & crazy cat lady.

Growing up I always felt like I was the odd one out… like there was something wrong with me, that I was different. 


8 years ago that all changed when I got coached for the first time and I begun to build my self-worth, create self-confidence and start to enjoy my life. 


I Certified as a Life Coach, built a tool box full of amazing tools and I started helping others to change their lives. 


But still something wasn’t quite right… 

I new what to do. 

And yet, sometimes I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. 


Or even when I did the things that were supposed to help (like changing the way I thought about things) it still didn’t get me over the line. 


Life felt like a constant struggle. 


Again I found myself struggling with procrastination, feeling like I should be further along, looking at my peers and going down the compare and despair rabbit hole…

Overthinking had become my MO, I couldn’t decide what to do or where to start, it was overwhelming and I started to feel like an imposter all over again. 

THAT was when I got diagnosed with ADHD and everything finally made sense. 

Like why I had avoided dating for 10 years… because rejection sensitivity dysphoria and the fear of potential rejection is *huge* for ADHDers. 


Or why I often felt up and down, unable to control my emotions, was labelled as “moody” and told I was overreacting to things… because emotional dysregulation is a big part of having ADHD. 


I realised I am different. 

My brain works differently. 

Therefore the neurotypical ways I’d been approaching things, weren’t always going to work. 

Xena Jones

I had to throw out the neurotypical rule book and create my own neurodiverse ways. 

That's why I started the Navigating Adult ADHD Podcast - to help other women put all the pieces together and end their struggles. 

Xena Jones.jpg

Through my research and extensive education on dopamine and the nervous system, along with my 8+ years of Mindset Coaching.


I’ve learned how to manage my brain so I can actually...


✔️ Do the things I want to do

✔️ Quit shaming myself for not being like everyone else or doing things the way other people do 

✔️ Reduce the overwhelm and overthinking

✔️ Experience more joy without needing to binge watch a whole season of Netflix

✔️ Regulate my emotions and experience way less frustration 


Now I'm able to thrive with my ADHD.


And this is exactly what I help my clients do. 


Whether you’re diagnosed with ADHD or not. If you resonate with the things I share then you will benefit from coaching with me. 


Schedule a free consultation and together we'll explore your current struggles and how coaching will help you. 

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