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Coaching for adults with ADHD

Experts estimate that by age 10 a child with ADHD has heard 20,000 more criticisms than their peers. 


So, it’s no wonder that adults with ADHD can struggle with low self-esteem, negative self-talk and a constant battle with trying so hard to do things like everyone else. 


Add to that less dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin… Responsible for motivation, satisfaction, wellbeing, sleep and mood.


Then we get executive function challenges…

  • Self-awareness

  • Inhibition

  • Working memory 

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Self-motivation

  • Planning and problem solving 


So yeah.. Having ADHD can be hard.

But trying to do everything the neurotypical way... is way harder. 

Trust me… I tried! 

Having a different brain, means we need to do things differently. 

When we learn how to work with our ADHD, rather than fighting against it, we can begin to thrive.


THIS is where coaching comes in... 


Using a combination of Mindset, Dopamine and Nervous System Tools (the 3 key areas to thriving with ADHD). 

We address things like self-acceptance, managing and controlling your emotions, procrastination, productivity, self-confidence and how to end the never ending cycle of self-sabotage.  

Together we work on your specific ADHD struggles, so you too can THRIVE.


Book your Personalised ADHD Support Session with me to get started.



You feel stuck.


You struggle with getting started on tasks or finishing things you've started (hello procrastination & perfectionism).


You worry about what people might think or say (hello rejection sensitivity dysphoria).


You constantly overthink and often feel like an imposter. 


You struggle with making and keeping friends.


You find yourself saying things like “I should be further along... I know what to do so why can’t I do it”


You struggle with managing your emotions (hello anxiety & frustration).


You can't seem to stick to a routine no matter how hard you try. 

Get started with your 

Personalised ADHD Support Session

Together we'll explore how you can thrive with ADHD 

Xena Jones

During coaching sessions you’ll be walked through…


*Understanding all of the ways ADHD impacts you and how to manage it


*Accepting yourself as you are


*Interrupting the self-sabotage cycle


*Managing and processing your emotions


*Saying no to what you do not want, and yes to what you do want


*Interrupting procrastination and perfectionism 


*Overcoming you own obstacles


*Having your own back

Because life with ADHD does not have to be a constant struggle

Are you ready to better understand yourself and your ADHD? 


Are you ready to stop being so hard on yourself? 


Are you ready to let go of the constant overthinking and second guessing yourself? 


Are you ready to trade procrastination for productivity?

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