Hey! I'm Xena

  • I'm a Mindset Ninja - As a Certified Life & Business Coach - I've been helping women all over the world to change their lives for the past 7 years 

  • I'm a solo traveler with over 40 countries visited

  • A proud crazy cat lady with 2 fur babies

  • And... Creator of Have Your Own Back Mastery a 12 week coaching program that will transform your entire life. 

My goal is to change your life...

Not just internally with feeling better (which will happen VERY quickly!), but also externally - I want you to create the life you’ve always wanted & the impact you've always wanted to have! 

It all starts with this call... 

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“Thank you so much Xena for what you've helped me achieve.

I am finally making my dreams come true! My confidence & belief in myself just keeps growing.


~ Jenna Looney, New Zealand