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What my clients have experienced...

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Molly found love after losing her husband and learned to have her own back

"I felt I had nothing to lose with a free one hour consultation and gave it a try. Best decision I ever made for myself!


When my husband passed away I felt lost and didn’t really know who I was. I had lost my compass. Xena helped me create a relationship with myself and to understand what it meant to have my own back.

It is very valuable having someone helping you to understand your brain. Xena was my partner in creating the person I wanted to be!"

- Molly Shaw

Georgia started a side business, lost weight and quit smoking, while travelling

“I never thought I would invest in a life coach, but since working with Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe!

It’s incredible how she’s able to break down barriers, clear the clutter in my mind and put me on a path that has me excited to get out of bed every morning. She’s such a warm, funny and loving person.

Her life coaching has been life-changing! I couldn’t recommend her more!”

- Geogia Kirby

Jenna Looney

Jenna got her confidence back and achieved all her goals

“When we started working together I was very fragile. I’d lost all of my confidence. I had stopped believing in myself because of the relationship break up and the bullying I’d experienced. I hadn’t really dealt with it and didn’t know how to cope. I felt shit all the time and was constantly beating myself up.


Now I am so confident within myself. I know how to cope with things if and when they go wrong - Xena taught me the tools to deal with things.


I have stopped being so hard on myself. I know that all I have to do is believe in myself and I can do things, I have proved that in this last year. I achieved all my goals. I can open up to people more and even chat to strangers. This has changed my life."

- Jenna Looney

Karen got her Common-wealth Mindset and won 4 gold medals

"I have a competitive nature but lacked confidence and felt unworthy of the praise I was receiving so with my first Commonwealths Competition looming I needed help.


Xena helped me to have my own back, to believe in myself, remove the worries of failing publicly and gave me skills to improve my performance.


With this came a pleasant surprise as other facets in my life were affected.


My relationships improved and homelife was happier and more relaxed.


To top off the year I went on to win 4 gold medals at the Commonwealth 2022 Competition and am very proud to have done so!"

- Karen Humphreys

Aya Port

Aya got unstuck, became a Digital Nomad and jumped out of a plane!

I decided to work with Xena because I was feeling stuck and I wanted to do more in my life but I was not making progress towards my goals. 


I used to care too much about what people might think and had challenges with procrastination, trying new things, making new friends, and career decisions.


Working with Xena has been life-changing! 


She really helped me recognise my patterns and negative thoughts, and learn to explore outside of my comfort zone and have my own back. The tools she gave me can be applied to any situation and have improved my day-to-day feelings and confidence tremendously.


Today I feel true to myself and confident about my choices. Thank you Xena!


- Aya Port 

Clients express surprise at the transformations they make through coaching with me because no other approach has ever created lasting change for them…until now.

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"This coaching has made such a massive impact on my life. I’m much more content, open, confident happy and badass today!"

Jennae O'Donnell

 "I finally feel like I am getting a chance to be in the drivers seat of my life!"

Natasha Murachver

"Working with Xena is like looking in a mirror while someone reads all the files in your mind aloud and helps you figure out what to do with them."

S.L Hill

"Highly recommend to anyone who wants to change their life from the inside out because that’s where it needs to start.”

Ari Schou

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