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Talks & Workshops 

Mindset + mental wellbeing 

My presentations are here to make you think, make you laugh and to leave you with something tangible to take away.

Life is hard some times and we can also be really hard on ourselves.


The reality is that we can’t go to work and simply turn off our brains and ignore what’s happening at home. NOW more than ever we need to prioritise our own mental wellbeing and create more joy in our lives.


 And THIS is exactly what I help you and your teams do!

I help people look inside themselves and provide powerful tools to get actual results and empower people to make meaningful change.

I offer talks, workshops and keynotes that can be customised to your specific workplace. 

Helping you focus on what matters most.

Popular topics include...

  • Mental Wealth - How to use your brain to feel better and get results 

  • Having Your Own Back - At work and in life

  • Choosing Brave - Everything we want is on the other side of choosing brave, we can't be brave without being scared

  • FeCk PerfUctioN - How to take imperfect action to create success and enjoy life more

  • Imposter Syndrome - Strategies for overcoming feeling like a fraud

Get in touch below to see what works best for you and your organisation.

Xena Jones
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