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#68 Creating Connection with Vince Ford

"We are hard wired to connect with others" And for us ADHDers this can be tricky as we navigate RSD & a busy mind...

And today's special guest, Vince Ford,  is an expert on creating connection. 

In this episode we cover: 

  • The link between physical pain & the emotional pain of rejection. Plus a surprising cure that works for both! 

  • What mentalizing is & how it impacts our interactions with others

  • A simple trick for reframing the overthinking & negative stories we might spiral in

  • How “practicing” social connection feels good & lessens the fear of rejection

  • Using stories to connect

  • How social connections are changing & what we can do to bridge the gap when we interact with others

And as usual you’ll hear my “ADHD in real time” throughout this interview!

Connect with Vince here:


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