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#59 ADHD & using EFT Tapping to feel better (The Emotional Freedom technique)

This is an alternative therapy I use to manage my ADHD symptoms & help regulate & process my emotions... When I'm in fight or flight,  experiencing physical or emotional  pain, need help focusing or getting out of my head, I use EFT Tapping. 

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique also known as “tapping” - because you are tapping on various meridian points around your body to calm your nervous system (watch my video demo HERE

This usually results in a reduction of stress levels, feeling calmer & quieting a negative or overthinking ADHD brain. 

It is evidence based & backed by a tonne of scientific research - including one study which measured a 50% reduction in peoples stress levels!

"A chill pill for your nervous system"


And if you missed the class I ran recently "The 4 Keys to Managing ADHD" you can watch it HERE


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