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#54 Hormones, Perimenopause & ADHD with Dr Samantha Newman

The long awaited episode on hormones, perimenopause & ADHD is here! 

We are joined by Dr Samantha Newman - The “Female GP” -  And Neurodiversity Affirming Clinician. 

Our goal with this episode was to create a resource for women with ADHD, helping them understand what’s going on with their hormones, what options are available & where to go for help.

Samantha answers questions like: 

  • How do I know if it's ADHD or perimenopause? 

  • Are there any evidence based strategies or treatments available for managing both perimenopause & ADHD symptoms? 

  • What is PMDD & how can we treat it? 

  • What supplements should I take? 

  • When should we get help, where should we go & how can we best prepare for that? 

Any many more! 

Samantha mentions MANY resources in this episode & I have collated these into a PDF you can download here: 


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