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#53 Embracing ADHD & Neurodiversity with Sonia Gray

We are joined by Neurodiversity advocate & host of the No Such Thing As Normal Podcast this week, Sonia Gray. 

Listen in to hear: 

  • How Sonia initially shelved her ADHD diagnosis because she couldn't get her head around it & believed she just had character flaws 

  • Why learning about some of the lesser known ADHD characteristics finally helped her to embrace ADHD

  • We both share how our ADHD has changed as the hyper-vigilance eased up & we were able to embrace being wired differently. 

  • How some people in society really struggle to accept the toll ADHD can take on our lives, especially  when they can't physically see it

  • Why boring tasks are often physically painful 

Sonia is helping society understand the real challenges of having ADHD (& other forms of Neurodiversity), whilst also demonstrating the positive ripple effect of creating  supportive environments for those wired differently.  

Be sure to check out her Podcast series: No Such Thing As Normal.

For anyone who wants to share their ADHD journey in the next season of No Such Things as Normal - you can reach out to Sonia over on her Instagram


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