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Hey! I'm Xena, The Brave AF Chick.
I am obsessed with helping women to manage the sh*t that goes on in their heads, have their own backs & live their best lives. 

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Using science backed mindset tools.
Mixed with powerful coaching
to get you life-changing results.

Xena Jones

Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached. I mean it.

Our brains are designed for survival and preservation. They create negative stories that hold us back.

When you learn to manage your mind and have your own back, you will be blown away at what you are able to create and how easy it is to feel better and achieve your goals.

Xena Jones

Helping you focus on what matters most. My presentations are here to make you think, make you laugh and to leave you with something tangible to take away. I help people look inside themselves and provide powerful tools to get actual results and empower people to make meaningful change.

Xena Jones Brave AF Podcast

The Brave AF podcast is where we talk about all things mindset, having your own back and doing brave sh*t. 

With a new episode out each week.

Be prepared for real, down to earth, relatable stories and easy to apply tips and tools. 


Come & get coached by me

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