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Feel like your ADHD is holding you back?

Hi, I'm Xena & I have ADHD... 

I'm an ADHD expert, podcast host & Coach for adults with ADHD. 

I know what it's like to struggle with ADHD... 

Feeling all over the place

Emotional outbursts


Never feeling like you're doing enough (or good enough)

Low self-esteem 

Frequently feeling frustrated & ashamed


... I GET IT! 

My clients often say "I feel like you're in my head or following me around, because you know exactly what it's like!" 

My friend, that's because I'm just like you. Plus I know exactly how our ADHD brains work. 

And here's the best part... With the right tools & support we can THRIVE with ADHD.

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Thrive with ADHD:

4 Proven Techniques to Take Control of ADHD

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Here’s the truth:

Living with ADHD doesn't have to be SO hard. 


Having a different brain, simply means that

we need to DO things differently.

Using evidence-based coaching tools, plus my own experiences, I teach my clients how to:


Overcome procrastination

Manage their emotions 

Increase their self-esteem 

Develop self-trust

And achieve goals that they’ve

had for years. 

Clients are often shocked at the transformations they make through coaching with me because no other approach has ever created lasting change for them… until now.

“I feel like I’ve caught up 10 years in the space of 6 months!


Before this, I felt like a complete failure at everything. I felt like I couldn’t do my job and I wasn’t a good person. I was overwhelmed with everything. I couldn’t make decisions. I was just all over the place.


Nothing has ever helped me as much as this coaching did. Xena really gets it and these sessions have been invaluable.


Today I know myself better. I’m able to think, make decisions, slow down, calm down, take my time and think things through. Both personally and professionally I’ve made so much progress."


~ Tracy, New Zealand

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