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Georgia Kirby, Australia

I never thought I would invest in a Life Coach, but since I’ve met Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe!

Vip strategy call



Together we will get super clear on what you want & *exactly* why you haven't yet made it happen. 

The "why you haven't made it happen part is super important - most people know what they need to do, but they aren't doing it or they aren't sticking to it (don't worry I got you!)



We will identify the exact 3 things you need to focus on to make 2023 a life changing year. 

These may be things you aren't able to see or pin point...

Don't worry I've got years of experience when it comes to helping people see & overcome obstacles!



Lastly we will talk about what support you may need or want to help you stay accountable, dissolve your limiting beliefs & create the level of self-confidence needed to achieve your goals. 

I will share with you exactly how we can work together & what it would look like to have me on your team (having your back!)


I'm Xena!

Crazy cat lady, host of the Brave AF Podcast & your sweary no BS Mindset Coach.  

I'm an expert at helping women get unstuck, achieve big goals & create lives they love. 

Book your free VIP Strategy Session below & get the kick start you need! 

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