Confidence Made Easy

EPISODE #38 - Being unapologetic with Tammy Helfich

In this conversation with my friend Tammy Helfich we talk about what it means to be unapologetically yourself.

We explore how to understand AND own who you are. As Tammy says “Bringing your awesome to the world!”

We are talking self exploration - experimenting - honesty - having fun & what it all looks like.

Tammy shares so many gems with us & is such a wealth of knowledge in owning & accepting yourself & showing up unapologetically in your life.

The previous episode we recorded together is Bonus episode: A conversation with my friend Tammy Helfich - Life & Mindset

You can grab a copy of her new book Unapologetic over on Amazon Connect with her on Instagram Hang out with her on Facebook Check out her website And listen to her podcast INTENTIONAL LIFE