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EPISODE #174 - Emotional Freedom Techniques with Jess Johnson

Today we are joined by a special guest who is an expert on all things emotions, feelings & mindset work. Jess Johnson is a dear friend & a valued colleague who has helped me through a process we explore in this episode called EFT (emotional freedom technique). “Powerful mindset coaching meets psychological acupressure with a dash of magic” is how to best describe what it feels like to work with Life Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner Jess Johnson. As a former therapist and U.S. Army Veteran with a career that began working in corrections, there’s nothing she hasn’t seen, heard, or smelled, allowing her to hold space for even the most complicated headspaces.

Listen in to learn more about how you can manage your emotions & think clearly.

Here is the link to sign up for Jess’s workbook and video series:

And you can hang out with Jess & explore ways to work with her here: FB: Jess Johnson Coaching Services IG: @seekingagreatperhaps1 Website:

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