Confidence Made Easy

EPISODE #13 - Getting unstuck with my client Val Chaney

I asked one of my past clients and now friend, Val Chaney, to come on the podcast today & share her experience of what it's like to be coached and how she was able to go from stuck to thriving...

During our chat you'll hear just how hard she was on herself, how she was beating herself up & continuously feeling stuck. You will hear how she has really changed her own life & become incredibly happy & confident in the process.

Val was able to take charge of the ideas she had & start bringing her dreams to life by using the tools such as having your own back, redefining failure & getting clear on who her futures self is & where she is going.

Val is a beautiful example of the power of self discovery. She shares exactly what it means & how it looks to have her own back & talks about the future she is now in the process of creating & how she has made that happen.

Val is a true example of what is possible. From stuck to thriving! And she is sharing all the ins and outs with you here and plenty of great takeaways! If you would like to connect with Val here are the links to her two businesses:

Guided day trips to her local national parks - Leaving from Cumberland, Maryland and touring Shenandoah national Park near Luray, Virginia & Harpers Ferry national historical Park in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

These parks are within an hour and a half drive from Baltimore Maryland and Washington DC.

15 passenger van tours and private tours are available from summer through fall. Her first tour of Shenandoah national Park will be Monday June 28!

Contact her here:

Life Coaching in Nurture with Val - Taking clients for a 3 month options in surrounding areas of Cumberland, Maryland. Walk & talk it out in nature! Outdoor Options available on scenic walking trail on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historic Park. Contact her here: