Confidence Made Easy

EPISODE #10 - Making decisions

I made a decision last week that has been on my mind for a while. It wasn't easy. I had plenty of fears, doubts & what if's come up and in this episode I am sharing all of it with you.

We talk about making decisions, what holds us back & I share with you all the 5 step process I use when it comes to making decisions.

Here is some of the topics we are diving into:

  • The reason we are afraid of making a decision is because we are afraid of experiencing regret.

  • There are no wrong decisions, only results we don't want.

  • Having your own back is crucial when it comes to making decisions & taking action.

  • Not making a decision is a decision NOT to do it, not to take action & move forward.

  • Making decisions based on the future you want & not for your comfort today